For online marketing, obviously 🙂

Highlights about the Aussie industry:

+ Ad spending in the Digital Advertising market amounts to US$6,764m in 2020.

+ The market’s largest segment is Search Advertising with a market volume of US$2,476m in 2020.

+ Australia is even bigger than you think it is. It’s almost the same size as mainland USA! However, the country population is lower than Taiwan (56th in the world).

+ Enormous distance between the population (3rd worldwide) and high-quality lifestyle (ranked second on the Human Development Index), All makes this beautiful island a heaven for Online Marketers!

Statistics about Australia’s Online Marketing Indusrty:


Ad Spending by Segments ( in million US$)

Split – Desktop/Mobile ( in percent)

Ad Spending by Industry (in percent)

Global Comparison (in million US$)

3 Analyst Forecasts

1. Search Advertising rules the Aussie industry with 38% of the Ad Spending, but Social Media Advertising is the rising star.

2. Most businesses in Australia will have to work on their brands (Design, content and video) to be a factor in the biggest social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

3. Comparing to the USA, Ad Spending in Australia is prominently lower (14 times more). According to Global Market Research, Australia’s budgets will grow significantly in a few years (especially in mobile).

Source: Statista

Iftah Akram

CEO at META4 - Strategy | Creative | Marketing | Production